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The hardest part of running this blog is deciding what scenes to paint, and I love when I get suggestions since it opens my eyes to new scenarios  and makes this blog more fun and interactive.  I can’t guarantee that I will draw everything that is suggested, but I’m a particular sucker for bright colors.  Sometimes there are beautiful scenes that are simply beyond my skill level, and sometimes I’m just picky and don’t like the detail within a scene, but I will try my best to be open-minded.

Please also feel free to think outside the box!  Maybe you’d like to see something in a specific style, or found something great that’s not in a drama (maybe in a movie or a music video?).   I’m willing to consider pretty much anything.


60 responses

  1. I sent one 🙂 since I didn’t want to start off looking greedy – I only sent one but you can bet more will be on its way. I just have to figure out a way how to make it look like this whole page won’t be filled with my suggestions – maybe I should log in under different names each time so you won’t know 🙂 it’s not like you can track down an IP address right? Well either way you are gonna get tons more from me so get ready.

    • That scene is from eps one when S leaves Y’s office after giving her a ticket to come watch him perform. He sort of half turns and it switches to a flashback scene of the first time he saw her practice alone in the dark. For a split second, it was that transitional moment between reality and the past and I think it’s one of the best screencaps ever. 🙂 Don’t you just love the color and the outline of his face like it was bathed in sunlight?

      • Honestly I barely even believe that it’s a screenshot. Are you secretly a painter or some sort of photoshop expert? It’s so pretty it’s ridiculous!

        I’m actually a bit intimidated by it. Even the tiniest little section is purple and pink and peach and yellow and green, and I don’t even know what else. The scene is incredibly simple but the colors are so complicated that it may need to be a full scale painting made with real paintbrushes. Or maybe a digital painting? I HAVE to do something with it, but I think I’ll need to mull it over it for a while. I also need to track down an HD screenshot so I can wallpaper it up.

        This is the shot we’re talking about btw, for anyone who is curious:

  2. hey I forgot to tell you how much I loved that digital painting of Enzo – cutest thing I ever saw – can you make me a screen cap of him please? that exact one you showed me? or any of your other ones of him. If only he was in a kdrama, I would have loved to add him as one of my widgets 🙂

    (That’s right Softy, I just edited your comment and added the image! I just discovered that I can do this, and you are the first victim)

  3. May I suggest the classic scenes from City Hall? 😛
    1. The scene where Jo Gook went to Mi Rae house and asked her to go on a trip with him – Mi Rae sitting on the bench appreciating cherry blossom when Jo Gook got a bouquet of flower;
    2. Mi Rae dancing with Jo Gook’s jacket;
    3. Proposal scene;
    4. Jo Gook and Mi Rae dating in Seoul;
    5. Another tango scene, heh

    So many scenes I love but the above are some of my favorites!

      • 1. End of episode 7 and beginning of episode 8
        2. Episode 6
        3. Episode 20
        4. Episode 16
        5. Episode 4

        Sorry to hear that your computer crashed… it must be a pain in the a** 😦

        • Oooh, thank you! Whenever I try to guess off the top of my head I’m about 5 episodes off.

          And yes, I was very cranky after my computer crashed. It’s so much worse because I’m really good at saving every 5 minutes for the first 75% or so, but then once I’m on the home stretch I get too excited to finish and I completely forget.

          I can’t guarantee that I’ll get to any of those CH scenes soon, but I’m definitely going to do a couple of them. Some of those scenes will probably have to be digital paintings since I suck at night time watercolor.

  4. I can’t believe the art work that you have done.. so beautiful..
    can i suggest a few?
    1. the ending captures of ep 13 of heartstrings… with a tear rolling down of K’s face and S looking back while playing the guitor?
    2. the scene where K and S standing outside a music store and holding their hands out and tried to catch the rain?
    3. how about the intense tango scene for scene of woman?
    4. also how about best love, in ep3… when DJ first confessed his feeling to AJ at tha amusement park????
    are they do-able?????? pretty please???

    • oh 4 point.. sorry is ep 5..
      but episode 4 of best love, when DJ put his hand outside to car window to touch AJ’s face when AJ is sleeping… that was nice…
      also in epi 4 of best love.. when PJ put his hands over AJ’s ear in his office when his nurses was saying bad thinks about AJ.. that’s a nice scene…

      I think i am asking too much.

    • Number 3 will be out later today! Probably in 5 hours or so 🙂

      All those scenes are great, but they’re all night scenes so probably none of them will be watercolors (which means it may take me a while to get to them). That rain scene is one of my favorites, and I already plan to do a computer-painting of it 🙂 Thanks for the other suggestions too; they have been logged!

  5. Hi. I saw the link to your site on rebel soul and I think you have a lot of talent and I hope you continue to paint for a long long time.. I wanted to suggest one scene that I really like a lot. It’s from My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. It’s not a recent drama but one that I haven’t been able to walk away from since I loved it so much.

    The scene is from episode 16 when Mi-ho and Dae-woong say their goodbyes and they are under the moonlight in the gym and there just one tail left on Mi-ho. It was so heartbreaking and I love how the one tail emphasized the fact that she was dying..

    So here’s the link to the picture I found.

    If you decide to do it that would be awesome but I just wanted to share this with everyone.

    • MGIAG is one of my favorite dramas, and Mi Ho is one of my favorite female leads ever, so I would love to do a scene like that. I don’t think I could pull off that shot in watercolor, but I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of scenes to make into digital paintings 🙂

    • I miss MGIAG – that was the first drama I did translations for on the soompi thread. I loved it so much that one day for E7 I just started translating it live. That scene made me bawl like crazy – it would look so cool as a digital painting I am sure. Since you don’t like doing kissing scenes maybe you could just do the one where she covers his eyes if her tail is still visible in the shot. Although that would mean we don’t get to see his face – never mind. Kennedy’s screencap is better.

      • I might be willing to make another “kissing exception” since it’s such a cool shot. I’ll have to do it on a day where I’m feeling ambitious though, since that blue light looks super tricky.

    • Those are both great shots, but since I just painted different shots from those exact same two scenes, I probably won’t be be painting them again any time soon. I’ll put them on my backup list though 🙂

  6. I can make a request, eh? 🙂

    So, I totally love Yoon Eun Hye
    I was wondering if you could do any picture of her..
    I simply adore the following pictures

    (And yes, I stalk LMH on daily basis!)

    I’m sure you’re super busy, and I’m asking for a lot, but I can WAIT!
    Even if they take months and months, they would be totally worth it.

    Thank u

    • Ooh, I would be happy to do some Goong images! Do you happen know what episode I might find a great shot in? I think I streamed Goong, so I’ll have to track down and dl whatever eps I need. I’m not crazy about the idea of drawing LMH, although I’ve been considering painting him with a mask on 🙂

      • oh thank u thank u thank u

        I pretty much like evrything about Goong 🙂
        So, I’ll try to find/select my absolute favourites if that’s okay with you?
        On the top of my mind, I really love the beach scenes from the beginning of episode 16.
        As for LMH, I love him but whatever you decide to paint is totally okay 🙂
        Anyways, I’ll get back to you

      • I was going to suggest this one too – it is so adorable cuz his eyes are open as he imagines her. I think we should get a petition going for this one for sure – it’s well lit and everything -just the way Fanderay wants. I just noticed that stuffed animal – why does a grown man have that on his bed?

        • I think that those stuffed animals match his underwear, but I’m not completely certain. I think there are a million “why does a grown man” questions we could ask regarding JH, but I suppose that’s part of his quirky charm. I’m definitely going to do this shot though and I love everything about the scene. We get the flashback to their actual sleepover, and JH’s pining is pretty adorable. Then the whole situation just turns hilarious when the dad bursts in, and he acts like he’s been caught doing something bad. That was episode 3 right? I’m super picky and have to go through the scene frame by frame to get the absolute best shot.

          • I just checked- it’s episode 3 a little before the half way mark I think. Plus there are two of those stuffed animals 🙂 I have no idea why but it’s totally making me crack up that he has those in his room. Like you said, it’s part of his charm to do just about anything that is odd. Looking forward to using this as a header too when you are done 🙂

  7. I absolutely love your paintings for Heartstrings, especially those with trees as background. You have captured the summery green very well!

  8. First off, you have a wonderful collection of paintings. Please continue putting both of your passions, K-drama and painting, together. Secondly, I don’t know if you draw/paint from movies much, but would it be too much for me to request the static “Arirang” scene from the 1993 Korean movie, “Seonyeonje”? Please? I think that is one of the best shots in a movie.

    Here’s a clip of the scene.

    • Hmm…the scene seems quite sweet, but it’s pretty much colorless which doesn’t make it ideal for a watercolor painting since I’d pretty much just be using brown. Are there any other scenes from that movie that you like?

      • Darn it, that was the best scene. 😛 I understand you not wanting to do a monochromatic of brown. The movie itself isn’t very bright in colors, most of it being a shade of brown. Maybe you can try to paint my next favorite scene…the lovemaking between song and drum.

        • Also, the first minute or so of the next clip is also really nice to look at despite a rather sad setting. Again, brown being the dominant color. I guess this movie has such breathtaking shots especially with the pansoori that brown becomes beautiful too. Hehe.

          • Sorry, but I don’t think I can do a good job with any of these shots. I just do quick paintings with color mixing straight on the page and a waterbrush, so it’s going to be hard to make a brown scene look good without doing a full scale painting. Looks like an interesting movie though; I may have to check it out 🙂

  9. Ok, I have to admit that I went to a lot of blogs these days just asking about Ojakgyo Brothers (since I’m hooked into its story line).

    I would be happy if you can make Joo Won and UEE’s pallete :).

    Thanks anyway

  10. I saw these two photos of Lee Gyu Won today and thought ‘wow, I need to show this to Fand!’ Somehow they remind me of the remains of summer, now that fall is drawing close.

    (click enlarge to view full size. the pics are VERY big)

    have a good weekend, Fand!

    • Wow, those are adorable! I kind of hesitant to paint them because they’re so perfect as photos that I don’t think I could even do them justice. I could maybe do a digital painting of one at some point, but either way, I’m saving them 😛 I feel like she must be a happy person in real life since she always seems to be laughing or smiling behind the scenes.

      Thanks for sharing Karen! Please feel free to share any other great finds 🙂

  11. May i know the title of the song you used in the Vid Heartstrings 1 Through 15? It just plays over and over again inside my head, and i don’t even know the song’s title. Please. 🙂 Thanks, with feelings. 😀

    • haha, I know what you mean about that song getting stuck in your head. It’s called “You Started It” and it’s written/produced/performed by Ryan Tedder, although it’s not actually a “real” song. He does lots of demo songs that end up being performed by someone else (since he’s such a good writer) and that’s one of them, although I guess it never got made. The female singing is probably Jordin Sparks, but no one seems completely sure about that. Here’s the song by itself on youtube

  12. Can you plz do a watercolor drawing of the part in THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN where Heo Yeon Woo is dying in her fathers arm. I really love that scene and its so memorable and sad. Plz Plz Plz watercolor it! ~good luck

  13. I don’t know if you have already considered this but Love Rain’s first episodes have many beautiful scenes that you might want to “recreate”. The drama itself might be slow, but I’m guessing you have a soft spot for beautiful cinematography.

  14. I don’t know if you painted this scene or did something similar but there was a scene in Damo where Ha Ji Won and Lee Seo Jin are talking at night in a forest (or field) full of cherry blossom trees. The scenery is breath taking! I would love to see something like that. I believe its episode 1 or 2 if you want to check it out.

  15. Hello, I just want to say that I love your paints and I’m sorry, I don’t speak English very well (I am French ^^)
    I want to ask you if you can draw a scene of the drama ”Iljimae” … I love this drama and because I love your work, I want to know if it is possible to have a paint of Iljimae …

  16. Oh my gosh!! I have never been on your site before but followed a random link from ‘Dramabeans’ today , a site where I spend ALL my time. But your site is AMAZING!!! I cannot believe how beautiful all your artwork is and I am so excited, as I am crazy for art and crazy for K-drama!!!! and you have BOTH!!!!
    I think all your paintings are incredibly lovely and now have a ‘Princess Man’ one (the one where Moon Chae Won is on the horse and Park Shi Hoo is walking beside her) as my new screensaver!!!!!
    Wow!!! Keep up the wonderful work and I will definitely now be visiting your site ALL the time!!! 🙂
    I am going to now go spend some time thinking of a nice scene to suggest to you just in case it might work!!!

  17. Just wanted to say I love your work, you are so talented thank you for sharing your pictures with us. And I’m glad you’re back with Arang and The Magistrate! By the way you should DEFINITELY watch Answer Me 1997 – without a doubt it’s one of the best dramas of the year (with plenty of interesting scenes to paint & draw too) .

  18. I am very excited that you are doing Drama drawings again!! I have not yet started watching Arang but it is definitely on my list!!

    Can I ask if you are watching Faith? I am really, really enjoying it and think it is pretty awesome and well worth a watch! All the costumes and armour are pretty spectacular to look at being from the Goryeo period and so therefore much more unfamiliar to me.

    If you are ever taking any requests or ideas for your paintings I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see some Faith artwork. Lee Min Ho looks pretty awesome in armour and there are some cool blue tinged dream sequences of ice and old gnarled trees etc. 🙂

    • If I’m completely honest, I have a secret aversion to Lee Min Ho, so I haven’t watched a single episode of Faith 😦 I’m not really sure why I dislike him so much, but I cried at the end of BoF (because he got the girl) and it was all I could do to get through City Hunter. That being said, I liked Personal Taste, so I’ve had Faith on my radar and have been waiting for it to end so I can hear the final verdict from the fans before I watch it. I prefer to marathon dramas anyways, and if I do watch it I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for a good scene to draw. I really do love gnarled trees!

      • Haha!! No way!!! I was waaay happier that Lee Min Ho got the girl (even with that redonkulous perm) and not the blank plastic dude with the orange hair!! But everyone to their own I guess!! 🙂
        Who knows…maybe Faith will change your mind about him!! …or maybe not.. 🙂

        I have started watching Arang now so very much enjoy the latest picture you did from that drama!! Your site is lovely! 🙂 It makes me wish I had a drama site of my own to work on, although really I am much too busy watching dramas (and other real life stuff) to look after my own site!! I imagine it is lots and lots of hard work!! But we visitors really appreciate it so keep up the good work!

  19. Hello Fandaray!

    I’m not sure if you still check this thread, but this seems to be the only way of contacting you (: I was inspired by your paintings of drama scenes to set up my own blog that started out with depicting scenes, but ended up mostly with character portraitures. Actually, this blog inspired me to pick up the paint brush again which I’d neglected for many years, and I have to thank you for that.

    I’m wondering if you may be interested in collaborating on blog posts together? I’ve left my blog languishing for a while as it really takes quite some time to come up with good paintings. There are also “down” seasons when there aren’t any dramas that inspire me to paint. I do lack the motivation sometimes too. Doing it together with someone may be good with mutual encouragement.

    Just an idea, do let me know what you think! (:

  20. not sure if you are still actively using this blog, but I stumbled on your site and your beautiful drama artworks and have been using them as my computer wallpaper for the past two years. My biggest regret at the time was that i didn’t bookmark your website and have been looking for a way to find my way back and I finally took the time to do so today. Sad to see that you haven’t updated in about a year though.
    Anyways, just wanted to share how much I appreciate your works on a daily basis and hope to see some new stuff soon *cough*masterssun*cough* 🙂

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