The Musical – Episode 4 Recap

More cuteness! More auditioning! More unveiling of the past! This episode had everything I was hoping for, and I think that next week will be even better.  The complexity of each character continues to grow, and I love that I don’t know what’s headed our way.   Continue reading

The Musical – Episode 3 Recap

The episode 3 recap is finally here! The plot momentum is picking up, and mysteries of the past are starting to unravel while the characters all head into new and exciting futures.  It kills me that we only get one episode per week!

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The Musical – Ep 1 and 2 Recap

I feel like this show is filling the void left behind by Heartstrings, and not because the story is focused around music.  Its strength is its simplicity and its commitment to characters that feel real, and I predict that it will surprise us by defying many cliches and leaving its own unique mark on the k-drama landscape.

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