And finally, I post again!


I’m back, with Arang and the Magistrate! It’s such a wacky show, and I can’t get enough of it. If someone explained the story to me I’d probably think that person was crazy, but somehow AatM works, and it works very well.

It may be hard to believe, but I almost didn’t post this. After a long hiatus I wanted to post something I was happy with, but that’s just not in the cards! I love Arang and the Magistrate and it has great settings, but when I stop and scrub through each episode (for hours on end) I find that the scenes don’t quite reach their full potential (at least not in terms of composition and lighting). Some of the photographs posted on the official website are gorgeous, but unfortunately they are low resolution and a little difficult to work from. I ended up delaying this drawing because I kept thinking that the next episode would surely have some beautiful image that I knew I had to draw, but it never really happened (until after I finally started this one and was 80% finished of course).  The problem with the above image is that I was never really excited about it, so it felt like work and I only even finished it (if you can call it finished) so I wouldn’t have it hanging over my head anymore. What I wish I would have drawn is this:


Isn’t that shot just perfect? It makes me want to go sit in a field of wildflowers, and I love how they each have a flower that contrasts with all the cool colors in the scene. I probably will still draw it, but it’s possible I may discover something even better this week.

At some point in the summer I also did the following two images (Queen In Hyun’s Man and Deep Rooted Tree) but they were just quickies so I thought I’d wait to add them in when I did a “real” post. It’s sort of ironic that I like them both more than the Arang drawing.



I went through a fairly long period where I didn’t have time to really watch kdramas at all, but thankfully I’m back in the swing of things and am once again watching more than is probably healthy. Besides Arang I’m also watching To The Beautiful You, May Queen, Panda and Hedgehog, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Nice Guy (aka Innocent Man), and Answer me 1997.

To the Beautiful You is exactly what I expected (and also what I hoped for). It’s cute and enjoyable fluff, and I personally enjoy it more than the Japanese version (although they’re both worth watching). Since I already know what’s going to happen it doesn’t have me on the edge of my seat, but it doesn’t really matter since it’s predictable to begin with, and it more of a fun diversion than anything.

May Queen is one of my current favorites, although I still can’t believe how long the whole childhood sequence lasted (what was it, ten episodes?). The kid actors were great, but those episodes really dragged, especially since it was obvious what was going to happen. I was also a bit worried that the second lead was going to be married as soon as we jumped to the present (that’s how his character was described before the show aired) but thankfully that’s not the case at all and he’s not the adulterous type. So far all the characters are really likable and there are some great friendships and family relationships to enjoy on top of the typical romantic entanglements. The makjang isn’t too overdone either, which is something I appreciate.

Five Fingers is certainly the king of makjang currently, and it’s a little hard to handle. I’m not sure what keeps me watching (I guess I just want to know how it’s all going to turn out) but it’s hard to like most of the characters. All that being said, if you are only dissuaded because of Joo Ji Hoon’s terrible hair, just be strong because it does change later.

I usually don’t watch so many serious dramas, but how could I resist Nice Guy with Song Joong Ki’s acting? I’m really not a fan of revenge dramas, but this one isn’t all that dark or depressing (yet) and I find most of the characters more relate-able than I expected. I’m sure its going to keep going to get more twisted, but I think I’ll be able to hang in there, strung along by my hope that the leads will come out on top and redeem themselves. I bet there’s going to be a period where I can’t stand to watch SJK’s fall to depravity, but ultimately I’ll only be unhappy if everyone ends up dead or something.

Panda and Hedgehog…I’m not sure how I feel about it. I like that it’s quirky and different from the typical kdrama, but sometimes the characters behave so strangely that it’s a bit bewildering. I do like that the characters are all very straight forward and honest, so misunderstandings are short-lived and everyone moves on. Even the rivalry between the two guys was short lived, and their awkward friendship is one of my favorite aspects to the show. The biggest problem is the pacing, which is all over the place (and often results in impatience on my part). There are some fantastic side characters in this show, and I often find myself wishing that the two sisters were leads.

Answer Me 1997 is finished, but I haven’t watched the last episode yet (why did it take so long to air?). I only watched this show due to a desperate fit of boredom, but I’m really glad that I did because it’s not at all the typical teenage drama. I thought it would be in the same vein as TtBY, but instead it’s mature and clever, which is something I’ve come to love about tVN. The directing is fantastic, and I love how the show jumps back and forth between  different types to unravel the mystery of the present. What’s even better is that the mystery gets solved way earlier than expected (no dragging in this show!) and instead the mystery changes. I don’t even know much about korean culture in 1997, and I still love this drama. I really hope that the finale doesn’t disappoint.

And lastly…Vampire Prosector 2! I still think it’s the most ridiculous title/premise ever, and yet somehow it’s just so good. It’s edgy and more interesting than any of the other crime scene investigation dramas I’ve watched, and it does a great job of intertwining episodic mysteries with the big ones that unravel throughout the season.  The character development is dynamic and interesting, and so far I couldn’t be happier with the new characters that were added this season. The only thing I dislike about season 2 is the way that they changed some of the vampire investigative stuff. Last year I absolutely loved the whole crime scene in reverse thing, and the music was addictively perfect during those moment. This year our vampire’s skill-set seems more inconsistent, and I don’t like that his “crime-vision” (what should I call it?) always plays out differently and is directed in so many different way. It’s already silly enough that he’s a vampire, but it’s believable if it feels like he’s bound by a very specific set of rules. Those rules seem to be bending, which makes the whole thing less believable, even thought the plot isn’t really affected. Overall though, it’s still a great show, and I’m liking the new timeline that was introduced more and more.

So that’s it for now! I have more to say, but at this point I’m really just eager to hit the “Publish” button, or who knows if it’ll ever happen. What has everyone been watching this year, and what are your favorites?

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  1. Glad you’re back. I adore your drawings and it is always interesting to see which scenes you choose. I’ve been meaning to try to draw drama scenes myself, but I have been so occupied with my blog, school and, of course, drama watching itself. But I’m happy that at least you are back to drawing.
    My this year’s favourites have definitely been What’s Up?, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Answer Me 1997. Aside from those three there have been plenty of other gems. Not to mention the ones currently airing. I think this has been my favourite drama year yet, actually. There’s just so much I wanna watch.
    Anyways, do keep up with the amazing work. And that Arang shot really is gorgeous, the same goes for your drawings.

    • It makes me so happy that I’m not the only person who watched What’s Up. That song that Tae Hee and Byung Gun did in E12 was sooooo good. I can’t even dislike Kim Ji Won in ttBY because she was so great in that show.

      I finally watched the last episode of AM 1997 last night, and it did not disappoint! I loved how that drama always had little unexpected surprises, but it even had one in the finale! It’s definitely one of my favorite dramas this year, and it wasn’t at all the teenage rom-com I was expecting. I’m sort of in love with all the cable networks like tVN. It seems like they’re pushing out the most consistently high-quality stuff these days, and I can’t think of any cable network dramas I haven’t liked (I Need Romance 2012 is good too, if you haven’t checked it out).

      • Yeah, What’s Up, for some reason, is not that popular. But I think the drama is highly underrated. It has flaws, but I sincerely loved it for the music, story, acting and characters. In the end I was so surprised how great the show actually was. I encourage anyone to check it out, because has much more depth to it than you’d think. And Kim Ji Won was just lovely there.

        Glad you liked AM 1997. It is definitely up in my all time favourites list. And I completely agree with you, cable networks really do show better dramas as of late. It’s not only the quality of the production that is better, but cable networks also try out new stuff that other networks haven’t (like it was with AM 1997). I think they’ve finally realised that drama viewers are tired of the hackneyed ideas and conventional storylines, and are trying to spice up things bit by bit.
        (I am watching I Need Romance 2012. It’s enjoyable and quirky, but I haven’t yet finished it. I am planning to marathon the second half of the series in the coming days, though.)

  2. well it’s about time you shared these with us. I have been holding onto that qihm one for ages wanting to share it. you are crazy cuz that arang one is gorgeous. I loved that scene so much too so how lucky am I. i love how you blurred the background like that. it’s like the camera is panning over them. can I use it for my widget? pretty please?

      • Banners rotate so it’s not always seen, but widgets are always visible and I needed one for Arang so I just wanted to use your drawing. Thanks so much for the permission. 🙂

        About the Great Seer, it’s funny how you called it an epic fur/skull costume, but the other night I called it “roadkill on his head”

        If you are looking for beautiful shots, faith has it. I know you are not a fan of his looks, but there are other characters or shots you might like.

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  4. Woah loved it, you are really talented.

    I liked it all, but Tree with deep roots is my fav because of the colors, I don’t know, the colors gaves it a ”mysterious” vibe that I like 🙂

  5. yay! you’re back. i missed on you on Cadence. Gaksital was pure gold. although i had missing there for some time now due to my illness. it’s always nice to have someone to talk to about youth dramas, and you know we both love them.

    anyhoo, i had been meaning to watch what’s up but ended up not downloading it and i found it hard to look for torrents atm. dl’s been snail paced. love shut up flower boy band and i know it’d be a hit with you too. of the new dramas, i heard ohlala couple is super hilarious.

    2tbu is awesome eye candy and i love the songs too. shut up by j-min, i think it will have a permanent slot on my playlist. 🙂 on actors, min ho’s is serviceable but lee hyun woo have acting chops. let’s not talk about sulli, hahaha.

    lols, this comment is getting so before i stop let me commend those drawings on top, most notably arang. i can’t say anything about it but AWESOME. great job and mighty glad you’re back.

    • I probably forgot to mention it, but I already watched Shut Up FBB and loved it. I really like the lead in White Christmas and Lie to Me (I was the only person rooting for him I think) so I checked it SUFBB out right away. I think I actually started a drawing for that drama…not sure what happened :S Maybe THATS what i should draw next.

      I agree that J-min’s song for 2tbu is awesome and it’s on my playlist too. I like Lee Hyun Woo so much more than Min Ho that I actually stopped watching for a while, but I’m in the process of catching up. I knew what to expect since I saw the J-drama version, but it’s still so sad watching Hyun Woo’s character. Thankfully Min Ho’s character is getting better, now that he’s not such an emotionless robot.

      And yes, Ohlala Couple is most definitely hilarious! I frequently have to pause it to compose myself and get over all the ridiculous awkwardness. The actors are both doing a reeeeally good job and even though neither character is very likable, I never get sick of watching them. I can’t even describe how funny some of the scenes are, so just watch a few episodes and see what you think (it gradually gets funnier too).

      Thanks for commenting btw, I miss all you Cadence people! I’ve had a pretty bizarre year but I definitely need to stop by and comment more, even if I spoil the odd episode for myself. I haven’t been watching dramas live lately, so I’m always a day or two behind :S

      • on pause watching live too… again due to my illness. i had to get myself used to sleeping early again. so much stress at work and couple that with sleepless drama nights wreak it’s havoc on my system, resulting to lupus flare up. 😦

        downloaded ohlala already and hope to watch it on weekend.

        2tbu is more on a serious tone compared to the dorama version which is more hilarious. the dorm leaders, nakatsu and the scenes.

  6. Welcome back! And great drawings once again (I esp. love the one from Tree with Deep Roots)

    I wonder if anyone watches My Daughter Seo-Young. It’s just GOLD. I would say this will be my once-a-year-family-drama pick (last year was CYHMH). I started episode 1 two days ago and now I’m done with Ep 8 and (sadly) have caught up with the schedule…

  7. Yay!!!! You are back! *does a jig and bear hugs* I really miss you and your thoughts!!!! Based on your sidebar comment I did a marathon on the “Kimchi Family” and luv it. Thanks so much for the mention. My time are so filled with kdrama ~ Faith, Arang, Nice Guy, May Queen, TTBY. LOL the only day not tied up in front of the screen is Friday ~ your drawings are always a welcome sight and i never get tired of them. I still have CYHMH drawings of KJW near the cliff as my wallpaper. A small request can i have another of KJW in May Queen scene — pretty please 😀

  8. Hi Fanderay! Am glad you’re back.
    Sorry my comment seems late. T__T

    I haven’t watched Arang and the Magistrate… but probably I will, I kinda like the lead actress, I like her in My Girlfriend is Gumiho… I forgot her name.. argh… memory.

    I’m going to watch DEEP ROOTED TREE this holidays.. I can’t really find time to watch drama.. my busy life… am watching all films that has Song Joongki in it.. hehehe… I really LOVE the INNOCENT MAN or NICE GUY. I sooo love the story. It’s close to impossible but possible to happen. You know what I mean.. I just don’t like the abuse use of amnesia in that drama, though its 2 different case of memory loss but still its memory loss… maybe because I haven’t met anyone who have amnesia or memory loss for real. And Joongki is one great actor.. from TRIPLE to SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL wherein he acted a flower boy, cutesy playboy… then to A WEREWOLF BOY where he portrayed a very difficult character on my viewpoint, he really did a great job in acting there… then the INNOCENT MAN… can’t wait for his next project. I’ve also watched his other movie PENNY PINCHING ROMANCE, its okay.. ^^ he make the movie worth watching.

    i’ve also watched TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU, Korean version of Hana Kimi… at first, I was really excited for the Korean version but when I knew who will be producing it, I got downhearted. LOL. Anyway, its like I watched it just to compare the versions.. and my favorite is the Taiwan version still. ^^

    ANSWER ME 1997 / REPLY 1997 is one of my favorite dramas.. its quick and not dragging.. keeping you on the edge every episode.. thank goodness I watched it when it already finished airing so I’m saved from the agony of waiting for the next episode. I think it take me 1 and half day to finish? XD

    Hoping to see you post more.. and please contact me via email

    • Glad to hear youre watching Deep Rooted Tree! It’s one of the few dramas I’d recommend to anyone, unlike all the cheesy romantic comedies i always watch. It’s just a really well done show and has a little bit of everything. Song joong ki’s role is short, but I think it’s the best acting he’s done.

      -sent from Android phone

  9. Hi Fanderay! Hugs! I was at Softy’s blog and suddenly missed you, how you are doing? Never saw you there anymore… Hope everything is alrigth. Just read your thoughts at the right side of your blog and I think you should really start Nine, It is so good so far and I’m loving it! ❤ You said you are looking for a good sageuk, two aired yesterday, did any catch your attention? Gu family book is so pretty and seems it'll be a fun ride, the other with KTH and YAI I didn't check but read good thoughts from some people and others who didn't enjoy it…

    One that I heard good things of Cruel Palace too, a cable drama.


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