The Moon That Embraces the Sun

This post doesn’t have an episode in the title because it’s not really supposed to be based on any one episode. That’s right folks…I was slightly creative for once and didn’t just copy a screenshot! Am I happy with the results? I’m not sure yet.

I used screenshots from episode 7 as reference, and wanted to create an image of the two leads that featured both warm and cool colors, to mimic the whole “sun and moon” theme. I was originally going to put a moon in the middle but I decided that was just way too cheesy. To be honest, this image isn’t as complete as most others because I got a bit tired of my idea about halfway through. I lifted their eyeline so it wouldn’t look like they were staring at each other, but I probably should’ve exaggerated that more, and the colors less.

The following thumbnails will link to full sized images. The first is massive (3500 x 1200) and pretty much has to be cropped down to be usable. The following 3 are all 1920 x 1200, which is a pretty common wallpaper size these days, but it’s easy to resize the original to whatever you might need, so feel free! 🙂


As for the drama itself, I am loving it so far (I have watched up to episode 11, for those worried about spoilers). I’m helping Softy with screenshots for her recaps over at Cadence, and it’s getting more and more fun as the show progresses (I can’t believe how quick the fan-base is growing!).

So far Moon/Sun has been pretty near flawless. The child cast couldn’t possibly have been better, and so far the adult cast hasn’t disappointed me. Kim Soo Hyun in particular is amazing me with the depth he has shown to his personality so quickly, and I am pleasantly surprised by his character with every episode.

It’s a pretty common theme in k-dramas for two leads to fall in love as youths and then not meet for years to come.  When they’re re-united, it’s pretty much always presented as obvious that the two characters will still be head-over-heels for each other and stop at nothing to be together. Moon/Sun does this to a degree, but what I really appreciate is that we get to watch Hwon fall for Yeon Woo all over again. Wol doesn’t just look like Yeon Woo. She is also opinionated and intelligent, and that seems to charm Hwon as much in his adulthood as it did when he was a child. She’s almost like an alien creature to him, and it’s like he is helplessly being reeled in, despite his frustrations with her boldness.

I’m not shipping Yang Myung, but I’m still fond of him and would like to see him at least get a chance with Wol and develop a relationship with her as an adult (as H is doing). It’s too cruel for him to just be fruitlessly chasing her to no avail (and without her knowledge) so I hope he gets to see at least a few moments of happiness before he goes crazy with grief. A small part of me wants to watch Yang Myung take a darker path because Jung Il Woo did it so well in Return of Iljimae, but mostly I’m just dreading an end to the bromance.

On top of all the great characters (Hyung Sun is the best side-kick ever!) this drama has great visuals and beautiful music that manipulates my emotions with ease. The only complaint I’ve heard is that it could be faster paced, but I think the pacing will turn out to be perfect in the long run. It feels like the romance and the plot are at a slow simmer, and I think Moon/Sun will keep getting better and more complex until the very end, instead of becoming boring or stale.

I talk at length about each episode over at Cadence, so I will go ahead with my video of the day!

I guess I should say four videos the day, and they’re all for Shut Up Flower Boy Band! So far I love this drama. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for anything musical, but that has very little to do with how much I like this show. The directing…the characters…the acting…I love it all! Lee Min Ki’s cameo was perfect, but my favorite is actually Sung Joon as Ji Hyuk. I don’t find him particularly attractive or anything, but he was my favorite in Lie to Me and White Christmas as well. There’s something about him that makes every scene a little more compelling and vivid.

Anyhoo, the first two videos are general ones, and the last two are about Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki).  Credit to TransparentDarkness, Honeyflowerr, LaliProduction and Brokenwings98.

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  1. that’s so pretty~! thanks to MoonSun, I’ve completely bewitched by Hwon, or Kim Soo Hyun. I think I shouldn’t be talking about the awesomeness of this drama as almost everyone is going crazy for it! hihi…

    ah, you’ve watched White Christmas? that mini drama sent me into long thoughts after I finished watching it. such a different genre from the usual kdramas. 🙂

    • I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch White Christmas…even if I hadn’t enjoyed it, it would’ve been worth watching because it’s so unique (but I did enjoy it, a lot!).

      So…you’re just getting bewitched with Kim Soo Hyun now? Did you not watch Dream High?

        • You should definitely watch it asap! He’s fantastic in Moon/Sun, but I honestly liked him even more in Dream High and you get to see more sides to him. His character isn’t in the spotlight to begin with, but by the end of the drama it’s pretty much all about him, so stick with it! I warn you though: he’ll make you cry. More than once!

  2. Fand… i can’t remember if it’s my first time commenting here but anyhow, your drawings up there are LOVE! thanks for sharing your talent, time and hard work with us there at Cadence. We owe you a lot. and you love Shut Up too? weeeeeeeh, gah the Lee Min Ki songs are just so heaven.

      • Hi fand… OB withdrawal? nah… i am not yet ready for that… i have scheduled my weekends for OB marathon, so, lols, i think it does not count for withdrawal. (as if it can be other than withdrawal syndrome 🙂 )

  3. I love the moonlight on their faces. Looks really good 🙂
    I agree with you on Shut Up, totally love it already because I love music and the characters are intriguing. I do miss Lee Min Ki, but I still love Sung Joon as the lead – he’s got “laser eyes” after all.

  4. LOL. I was surprised and confused how Shut Up flower boy band drama suddenly appeared before my eyes while I was rooting for moonsun stuffs. Lee Min Ki’s role was short though, but I would probably believe that the current ratings for his drama was commendable thanks to him and the rest of the casts.

  5. Fanderay: As always, your artwork is beautiful.

    Like you, I am also enjoying Shut Up Flower Boy Band and the performance of Sung Joon. To tell you the truth, I almost didn’t watch it as I am not a Lee Min Ki fan and was burned by the Musical (though I watched it to the end) and Dream High 2 (where I barely made it through the 1st episode). I think the words to describe Song Joon’s performance is raw… He totally has me believing that he is a rocker.

    • He’s perfect for the part, and now I can let go of my bitterness regarding how little attention he got in Lie to Me. I had no idea that he could sing though! It’s not like the way he sings impressive, but he just has a pleasant sounding voice (which I guess isn’t surprising since he has a unique voice even when he’s just talking).

      I’m still watching DH2, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone. I’m just a sucker for that sort of thing 🙂

      • OMG! Fand… and here i thought i was the only one left watching DH2. *yepeey* i know it is way off DH1 but with them shifting gears to focus on the love dynamics between the four main leads, i say, just make the best out of it. and i kinda liking JB and HS, where JB seems to have stepped up a little. that’s a good dose of medicine for YJ since he seems to be always mean on HS. Ri-an, seriously, we can dispense with.

        • yay, we can be dream high buddies! People give this poor drama such a hard time that I almost feel ashamed to be watching it, but I secretly really like it.

          One of my favorite aspects of the original Dream High was that I didn’t know which guy would get the girl, so I love that DH2 is doing the same thing. In the first DH I was 100% rooting for KSH though, and this time I’m somewhat split. YJ is winning so far, but JB is catching up with every episode.

          Another thing I liked about the original was that we had an awesome secondary couple (Pil Suk and Jason) and it looks like DH2 is doing that again too (Nana and whats-his-face).

          So far the only thing I REALLY want is for Ri-an to end up alone, but she’ll probably grow-up and redeem herself. Every time YJ spends time with her it makes my skin crawl (at least JB knows what she’s really like).

          Regardless of what happens, there has been some really good music so far. For some people it’s TOO much, but for me there’s not really any such thing 🙂

          • kyaaah! finally someone to talk to about DH2… and yes, this drama is relegated to the sides that i feel ashamed admitting i am watching it. haha. i don;t know who to root anymore after ep8. i feel like YJ deserves HS, that they belong to each other and on the same level. but l agree with you, JB is definitely catching up, and what a cathing up did he do. going for HS is definitely a bonus points for him. i would never want JB with RI-an again. JB had been really good(not acting wise tho) this past few episode that i want him to be with HS. although, when YJ finally admitted to himself that he likes HS, i was really happy… the talk to the phone there was hilarious.

            well HS got me surprised there, she could actually sing… i mean not that good but she can, unlike on what she was presented before like the most untalented person in the world. and speaking of which… i like the song she is singing which Ri-an stole. Hello my world? ami i right?

            • I just watched episode 8 and I have no idea what to think anymore. Everything has gone all topsy turvy!!

              It’s not just a romantic love rectangle, it’s also a jealousy rectangle! JB wants YJ’s talent, YJ is envious of JB’s attention, HS wishes she could be an idol like R, and R is jealous of the sympathy that HS gets from everyone. I think it might be quite some time before everyone gets along.

              JB is officially the confession king and I think he set some sort of drama record because characters never act like that. Twice in one episode, this early on? The second time he even had to keep saying it. That bit with the wine was ridiculous though. What was in that silver pot? He passed out immediately and then woke up immediately (I laughed so hard at the ridiculousness I think I cried). Then he sang though (I was shocked that she leaned on him immediately) and I was like, “WHY are you confusing me? I’m supposed to be rooting for YJ!” He didn’t make it any easier by saying that he was moved by her music. How cute is it that she was a massive fangirl of his, and now he is her first fan?

              I think I still like YJ more though, even if he needs to be more pro-active about his affections. No more angsty denial! I think he will eventually end up with HS because JB went for her too early, and because YJ doesn’t seem to have any genuine feelings for Rian. I think he feels sorry for her because he understand the problems that fame can cause with family, but every time he’s helped her he’s been in the middle of trying to help HS.

              JB on the other hand is still jealous when he sees YJ with R and obviously really liked her when they dated, so I think they’ll eventually reconcile. I think his feelings for HS are sincere, but I think that’s partially because they’re like kindred spirits. Both of them have to struggle for what they want despite a lack of natural talent, and both of them have lost parents, so they seem good for each other right now (when YJ tries to help her he doesn’t really understand what she’s going through and tends to put his foot in his mouth).

              I thought it was odd that BOTH of them lost a parent just two years ago. Is that a coincidence for them to bond over, or is it possible the parents both died in the same accident?

              It seems like all the characters got way more interesting in episode 8. I thought that YJ was just a musical purist, and had no idea that he was going to have a complicated past that made him that way (for a highschool drama, it seems like they’re putting a lot of work into the characters). I think he should fight being a super idol more though. Maybe he secretly wants to be one, but it doesn’t seem like him to just let it slide (maybe he’s too busy worrying about HS).

              Haha…whoops! I’m practically writing a novel here. There are literally no other dramas where the guys have such an equal chance, so it’s fun to talk about 🙂

              PS How awesome is HS’s new haircut? She looks sooo much better.

  6. ikr! it’s gone turvy-turvy 🙂 fand… i replied here cuz the comment got too nested already. 🙂

    i think, HS is resigned to staying home… doesn’t she look good with her new hair… i thought she was a little bloated with that long hair. i really appreciate the new appearance, hehe.

    JB, JB, why am i rooting for him right now? 🙂 i like it that he realized it early on and acted on it. and i want some competition on HS between JB and YJ. or rather i want Ri-an to be jealous of the attention HS is getting from the boys. I still want YJ to end up with HS and be good friends with JB. Ri-an out of the picture. haha. YJ is just so out of timing lately when it comes to HS. I am excited to see their moments together, when YJ finally admits to it to himself and HS that he likes her. and speaking of admission… JB just rocks. so funny he has to explain to HS.

    on YJ’s past… at the start i had an inkling that something did happen in his past for him to not want to become famous. the guy loves music and is schooling at Kirin, so that’s saying something. tho, it was still a surprise that he was already famous when he was younger. his parents divorced and fighting over his career. that was really sad.

    lols, judging from our talks on dh, you could make an entire post out of it, haha, we;re only only episode 8, gah! really thank this for being able to talk about DH2. 🙂

  7. Heyyy((:

    Your artworks are really beautiful!(: Sorry if I’m leaving too many comments, but I realised that I didn’t say enough in my first comment, and there’s so much more that I wanted to say! Sooo, I’m not even sure whether you are pipu.lj or not, but I remember checking this site out a few times previously after you have deleted your lj! How’s life^^ I remember our conversations over City Hunter, Lee Min Ho and our worries on blogging and I’m so happy to see your site being well known now!<3

    Moon That Embraces The Sun is really good:D The middle is a bit shaky but it gets back on track from episode 16-ish.

    Your artworks are really inspiring by the way^^ I've always wanted to draw heh.

    • I’m alive and well! I had company all summer and I couldn’t even keep up with my drama watching, but I’m almost caught up now. I’m out of practice and keep forgetting to look for scenes to draw, but I’m guessing that Arang will catch my eye first 🙂

      • wow! so glad to hear that from you 😀 i thought that you were moving to another blog without telling us -your sketches admirer- your new blog (well, i know that you wouldn’t do that :p) cause it’s been 6 months already since your last drawings. have you tried watching queen inhyun’s man? many people said that it has great cinematography. i’ve watched it actually (and i loved it -the plot, chemistry between otp, chars!) but since i’m not a pro on that case, i dont know how to determine which scene is great enough to be drawn, heehee.
        lee jun ki’s arang and the magistrate? yeay, i’m soooooo looking forward to your next project. fighting!!! 😀

  8. hi fanderay

    just want to say that that is one beautiful painting. its my second time only to this site. i know your name from your recapping at softy’s blog. thanks for sharing your gift 🙂

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