The Moon That Embraces the Sun – Episode 1 & 2

It’s a miracle; I started new drawings! Not that I was short on inspiration, because this is one pretty drama. Each episode probably has around 20 images that I would happily paint, and that’s if I’m picky. 

I’m not actually thrilled with how either of these came out, and I should probably go back and do another layer of paint to make the colors pop more (I think I’m rusty after taking such a long break!).

Everyone is watching this drama right, because everyone should be! The cast is perfect, the story is compelling, the romance is enticing, the bromance is endearing, and the cinematography is gorgeous.  What else do you need? Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo?  Well you’re in luck, because it’s got them too.

If I’m honest however, I’m in no rush to get to the adult cast since the young cast is so ridiculously fantastic. I hope some of them win awards because they certainly deserve them, and are out-acting most actors double their age.

Tomorrow is the dreaded episode 5, and it’s going to be a heart-ripper. I predict that there will be a lot of pausing due to blurred vision, and it doesn’t even help that I know what’s going to happen since I’m going to end up seeing everything through the eyes of those darn kids anyways.

I think this is going to be a fun drama to watch because there are so many likable characters that everyone will have different favorites, and it will make for some fun discussion (especially will all the political intrigue going on). My personal favorite so far is Woon, but I guess that’s not surprising since I seem cursed to always like the characters least likely to end up happy.

I’m helping Softy over at Cadence with recaps (by doing the screenshots) and I comment on every episode in detail over there, so I won’t bother repeating myself here (ok ok, so I’m tired and want to go bed). At least I have an excuse though…I need my rest so I’m ready for the next episode first thing in the morning 🙂

My video of the day is a What’s Up MV (I love What’s Up!). I’ve already linked this MV a couple other places, but it deserves to me MV of the day I think.  Credit goes to snowcedarplanes.

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    • Sure, I would love for you to make an album 🙂 I will be doing a lot more drawings of this drama down the road, so an album is a good idea. Can you include a link to this blog if you don’t mind?

  1. Now that the kids are gone, I am going to need to cling to these scenes some more cuz they made each moment count. Looking at these two boys, it’s clear which one never had a chance over the other, but I sure was rooting for M to at least get a fighting hope to stake his claim.

    At first when you chose the red parasol scene, I didn’t see your vision, but now I do. It really does pop cuz of the color and the look on his face. Initially I loved M and YW’s drawing more cuz that looks exactly like the expression on his face when I saw it on tv, but the one of H was just perfection. That’s why I chose that pic over the other. So glad you made it back in the nick of time for Moon. It’s like you get to relive the SKKS crazed days you missed out on. Relax and enjoy it cuz it will get interesting from here on. 🙂

    • Missing out on the SKKS craze still makes me sad. I almost never ended up watching SKKS because everyone complained about the ending, but I actually really liked how it ended (other than Moon Jae Shin not getting the girl) so I guess that’ll teach me not to be so easily scared off in the future.

      There’s no way I can relax while I watch this drama (it’s too exciting!) but I will definitely enjoy 🙂 I love KSH, but I sort of wish we had the kids for another couple episodes. They should all do their own spin-off drama or something…they’re too good to always just be in the first couple episodes all the time.

    • This song is a huge mystery. I even went over to Electric Ground to ask Blue about it, and apparently no one in Korea knows what song it is either. The conclusion is that it’s an original song that was written for the drama, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like What’s Up is even releasing an OST. It’s too bad b/c that drama does music very very well!

        • i LOVE this show and am dying for them to release the OST. it would be such a waste not to 😦

          the original song is by Laura Pausini – It’s Not Goodbye

          fanderay! you’ve been missed greatly 🙂

          • Thank you!!! I have no idea how you found out what the original song is. I spent about 5 hours trying to figure it out after that episode aired, and at the time it seemed like no else on the planet could figure it out either (I even resorted to translating Korean websites).

            I think it was particularly hard to figure out because the lyrics are completely different, and even a lot of the melody is different (other than the chorus). I actually like the Korean music arrangement a lot more, and I love how haunting it is.

            All I know so far is that What’s Up isn’t releasing OST parts as they go (like most dramas do) but my fingers are crossed that they will release one at the end. It would be a major shame if they didnt. 😦

            • i completely agree. i love how haunting this version sounds and byung gun’s voice! he is by far my favorite character. it took me a while to discover the original title, but i just kept browsing youtube video comments 🙂

              it makes me so sad to know that this show could have been so much more if it had been given a proper time slot on one of the big 3 broadcasting stations. instead we’re left with choppy editing, fewer episodes and no OST.

              • totally agree too… the korean version is hauntingly beautiful… and who knows byung gun’s has such big and control voice…

                the rating is not that great and i found the editing a little bit croppy… figure they are in cable.. so they need to adjust the time for each episode.. regardless… i love what’s up and i think it’s pretty solid drama…

  2. Oh gosh, u are back and I missed u.welcome back!!!
    I am loving this drama and I can’t believe you actually painted this pics everything about them is wow!I am actually loving the colour,u’re a genius.u say u not happy abt the outcome ,I’m loving them.
    I am also crossing my fingers and hoping the young cast don’t get overlooked and win some awards

    • Other people probably don’t notice the mistakes I make, but since I made them, they’re practically all I can see! I’m glad no one else seems to notice them though 🙂

      Thanks for the welcome back! I’m happy that the young cast is continuing to appear in visions and flashbacks, and the adult cast is doing a pretty good job so far.

  3. Wow, I’ve only just discovered your blog and I’m speechless. It’s amazing! Your drawings are so lovely.
    Thanks a million for sharing them with us. I’ll keep following you (^·^)
    Thanks for making my day bright.

  4. I can imagine that the brilliant colors of the hanboks would be great to watercolor… Your drawings are tempting me to pick up the my dusty watercolor palette again… Love your work!

  5. Fanderay,

    Can I use the pictures of Yong Hwa which you posted here in your blog?
    Of course, i will credit you for the pics… need your permission ^_^
    I’m such a noobie, I dont know how to email you to ask a favor…please?

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