The Musical – Episode 13 Recap

This episode is a bit of a heartbreaker, so consider yourself warned (and blame Park Ki Woong!). There’s lots of Jae Yi, Eun Bi and AD Jang goodness too, so this episode really has something for everyone.

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The Musical – Episode 12 Recap

Do you know that song, “It’s All About Us”?  Sing that, but replace “us” with “Jin” (that’s literally what I did while inserting screenshots). This was my favorite episode in a while because it changed things up from fairly frivolous angst to something much more serious and meaningful.  I think we’ve all been waiting for this episode for a long time (we knew it was coming) and it didn’t disappoint me.

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2011 Drama Round-Up and Review

1920 x 1200

I’ve watched so many dramas this year that it only seemed right to summarize my opinions of them (not to mention organize my thoughts  for the sake of my own sanity).  It’s been a pretty solid year, with plenty of pleasant surprises, and I hope that 2012 can offer up as much enjoyment.  Posts like this have been a huge help to me in the past when I didn’t know what to watch, so hopefully mine will help someone too.

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